Thank you so much for checking out my dinosaur unit! I am really proud of this p…

Thank you so much for checking out my dinosaur unit I am really proud of this p

Thank you so much for checking out my dinosaur unit! I am really proud of this pack.. and I hope if you are looking for something new or if you already love dinosaurs then you will enjoy this too. This dinosaur unit is very simple and anyone can use it to teach dinos! Don’t be scared.. your kids will LOVE you for teaching this! Here is what is included: {1} Tally mark cards and recording sheet: Students count the tally marks on each card and record their answer on the recording sheet. There are 12 cards in all. {2} Read the number words and stamp the number worksheet. Two versions are available.If you don’t have number stamps you could have students write the number. {3} Dinosaur ABC order cards and recording sheet: Students put cards in ABC order and record the words in ABC order on their recording sheet. The words on the cards are color words. {4} Ordinal/Color Word Follow the Directions Activity: There are dinosaur cards in the ten basic colors and follow the directions card. Students have to follow the directions to place the dinosaurs in the correct order. {5}Dinosaur Dictionary Paper: Students find the days of the week in a dictionary and write the page number. {6} Dinosaur Math Fact Sheets: Basic math fact printables. {7} Dinosaur Tally Marks: This worksheet gives students a number and space to draw tally marks to represent that number. {8} Dinosaur Counting by 3’s Paper: This is a 2-part paper. I ran this front and back. Students have to fill in the missing numbers from 3-99 when counting by 3’s. {9}Dinosaur Cut & Paste: Cut and glue the name of the correct dinosaur under the picture. This worksheet used the 4 major dinos we learned about during our dinosaur week. {10} Dinosaur Money Mats: 18 money mats are included. Students count plastic money and put on top of each mat to practice counting different amounts. {11} Dinosaur Money Paper: Students cut and glue the correct money in each box. Two different printables are included. {12} Dinosaur Day and Months of the Year Cards: Students can sort the days and months and put them in the correct order. There is a recording sheet for them to write the words after they put the cards in order. {13} Dinosaur Info Maps: There are 4 info maps for the 4 major dinos we discussed. The four we learned about are: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Apatosaurus. {14}Danny and the Dinosaur Comprehension Questions: Our book for the week was Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. We broke the book into 4 parts and each day my students had comprehension questions about each part. There are 4 pages of questions to use with this book. This was an excellent reading choice for our dinosaur unit. {15} Greater Than/Less Than True & False Sort: Students sort the cards and a follow-up, early finisher printable is included. {16} Ordering Numbers from Least to Greatest: Students order the cards and record their answers on the recording sheet. {17} Dinosaur Craft: Make the cutest little dinosaurs you have ever seen! The patterns are included. {18} Basic facts about the 4 dinosaurs we learned. The four dinosaurs we learned about are: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Apatosaurus. These facts are VERY VERY SIMPLE! But, perfect for little minds! {19} Greatest Number Game: Students are given number cards and they have to make the greatest number using their number cards. A two digit and a three digit version are both included. {20} Dinosaur Directed Drawing: Steps are included to teach students to draw a dino. Thanks for taking a look and reading all of this!! xoxo, Kacey Doodle’ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>href=”http:/… Bugs Teaching Blog Doodle Bugs Teaching Facebook Page

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