MR. PEABODY (annoying know-it-all cartoon dog): “Sherman, set the Wayback machin…

MR. PEABODY annoying know it all cartoon dog Sherman set the Wayback machin

MR. PEABODY (annoying know-it-all cartoon dog): “Sherman, set the Wayback machine to Utah, one hundred million years ago! And fetch me a milk-bone smoothie, pronto!” If Mr. Peabody and Sherman could travel back in time to pre-historic Utah, they'd land in a lush, primordial jungle dominated by a gentle eighteen-ton plant eater named Apatosaurus. Too bad these dinosaurs didn't live forever, as they died out about 100,000,000 years ago. Flash forward to today, when William Henry's expert designers incorporate a cross-section of Apatosaurus bone fossil into this unique, masculine shield pendant necklace for men. Not looking a day over 99,999,999 years old, this limited edition batch of dino-fossil has an earthy reddish brown color caused by minerals permeating the bone's organic material over time. The cross-section of fossil was then polished, shaped and inlaid on an engraved sterling silver shield-shaped pendant. This sturdy miniature pendant could double as a real shield with its realistically carved miniature rivets, fearsome medieval armor patterns and layered metal plates. Suspended from a strong woven sterling silver curb chain, William Henry's timeless and distinctive dinosaur bone shield pendant will insure that the legacy of the mighty Apatosaurus will never be forgotten. Comes with a dated certificate of authenticity. Shield Size: 3/4 inch long and 9/16 inch wide. Chain Size: 20 inches long. 1/16 inch thick. Material: 925 Sterling Silver. 100 million year old Dinosaur (Apatosaurus) Bone Fossil. (c) Copyright Tribal Hollywood. All rights reserved.

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